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Land big fish on a small budget with River Flies from The River Fly Fishing Company. We have an unmatched selection of dries, streamers, nymphs, caddis, and much more. Money doesn’t grow on trees, so don’t let it float downstream. The River Fly Fishing Company has unbeatable prices on fly fishing flies and river specific fly packages.


Check out our Destinations page to find the best places to fish in your area. Then, search our selection of river and fly specific packages to make sure you don’t get skunked on the river.
Not sure what you need? Shoot us an email and we’ll find you the best flies for your fishing hole and the season.

“Best value I’ve found in flies online. I don’t know if they made me a better fisherman, but I certainly felt better about my purchase.”

Jackson Garrett

“Bought more than I needed because the price was so good. Snags don’t bother me as much when I can get good flies for a great price. ”

James Neal

“My husband was so excited by how many flies I got him. Having river specific packages made choosing a birthday gift for him so easy.”

Cheryl Montague
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