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Best Telescopic Fish Rods: Are Telescopic Fishing Rods Any Good?

Some of the best angling destinations are off the beaten path. Ideally, you can park and walk a few feet to the perfect fishing hole but to find the best spots you’ll need to haul your gear into the thick of it. If you’re venturing into the sticks to fish, there are several things you can do to make your life easier including using different equipment like a telescopic fishing rod.

Unlike traditional fishing rods, a telescopic rod can be stowed into itself to fit in luggage, backpacks, and other tight spaces. The unique design gives you the freedom to fish where you want. Let’s learn more about telescopic rods including unique qualities, their pros and cons, and if they work for fly fishing. We’ll finish up by reviewing the ten best telescopic fish rods for a variety of anglers.

Best Telescopic Fish Rod

Telescopic Fish Rod vs Traditional Rod

A traditional fishing rod comes in one to two pieces. A telescopic rod is also one piece but constructed from several interlocking sections instead of one solid piece of material. Regular rods can never be reduced to less than two to three feet, but telescopic rods can be compacted down to a foot or less.

Are Telescopic Fishing Rods Any Good?

Telescopic Rod Pro’s

  • Compact and Lightweight – A telescopic rod’s small footprint and low weight is the primary pro. You can take telescopic rods places you can’t haul a full rod or pack them for a trip without paying oversized luggage fees.

  • Strong – Because they’re built from multiple sections a telescoping rod will naturally be weaker than a one-piece rod, but telescopic rods are beefy enough to get the job done. You can find telescopic rods to handle small panfish up to large lunkers. Many of our best telescopic rods can handle fish up to 10 pounds.

  • Affordable – As you’ll see on the below list, even high-quality telescopic rods aren’t going to break the bank. Considering your rod is one of the two most critical components of your fishing experience you don’t want to cheap out.

Telescopic Rod Con’s

  • Prone to Human Error – Telescopic rods can handle plenty of fish-induced stress, but its biggest downfall is human-caused stress. Improper care like ‘whipping’ the rod open or opening or closing the rod incorrectly can break or damage its components.

  • Stressful – If you follow instructions and take your time you should be able to easily assemble the rod but that doesn’t always happen. Telescopic rods have been known to stick, tangle, and cause other headaches.

  • Dirt and Debris – Dirt, sand, and other debris can get caught between the sections in telescopic rod and muck up your setup. Luckily most telescopic rods can be washed in the river for a quick reset.

What Can a Telescopic Rod Handle?

Every telescopic rod will have its own size and weight ratings but what can a telescopic rod handle? Generally telescopic rods can handle fish up to 10 lbs. allowing use for a variety of both freshwater and saltwater species. Stronger models can handle up to 20 lbs. Always know your rod’s limits to avoid breaking it on a trophy catch.

What to Look for in Telescopic Rod

  • Size and Weight – Most use a telescopic rod for its compact profile but that can be ruined if you choose a rod that’s too big or bulky for your trip. Always check the full dimensions of your potential purchase to make sure it works for you and the type of fish you’ll target.
  • Quality – Because there are so many segments compared to one or two pieces a telescopic rod won’t be as strong as a traditional rod for the same size and weight. You can avoid many of these issues by buying a high-quality rod. There are a few different factors you can use to rate a rod’s quality including price, reviews, and brand.

Can You Use Telescopic Fish Rod for Fly Fishing?

Due to the way they’re constructed, and the techniques used for fly casting, telescoping rods are generally not used for fly fishing. Most telescopic fish rods are built for spinning or baitcasting reels, and not the large open face arbor and reel of a fly fishing setup.

Now that you know more about telescopic rods, let’s check ten great ones for beginners to advanced anglers.

Best Telescopic Fish Rod

– Best Beginner Telescopic Fishing Rods

Sougayilang’s telescopic rod is affordable, strong, and looks great. The rod is built from a high-density carbon and fiberglass blend that goes from five to eight feet down to 17 inches or less. The stainless-steel rod seat resists corrosion while low-friction line guides keep your line in great shape. You can purchase the stand-alone for under $25 bucks or choose the full package (reel, rod, spare spool, line, lure kit, carrier bag) for $75.

AMAZON – $22.99

2. Lixada Pen Fishing Rod and Reel ($6.99 – $27.99)

The Lixada Pen Fishing Rod and Reel combo can only be described as fun. The most compact rod on our list, the Lixada Pen shrinks down to 8” with a total weight of less than 10 oz. You can carry this rod and reel with you virtually anywhere and pull it out anytime you find a good-looking spot. The compact carbon fiber rod is not designed for large fish, but that’s okay, you can get hours out of this neat little combo pulling up panfish and more.

AMAZON – $6.99-$27.99

The Quantam IMG is made from graphite instead of carbon fiber making it perfect rod for smaller fish or low visibility where you need to see the rod’s action. The IM6 extends from 18” to six and half feet and can handle up to 17lb test line for larger fish. A split-grip EVA handle keeps your hands comfortable. The Quanta IM6 is available for both spinning and baitcasting reels and comes armed with Quantam’s five-year ‘Rock Solid’ warranty.

AMAZON – $32.07

– Best Telescopic Fishing Rod Combos

The Plussinno rod and reel combo gives anglers a great price point and a great combo of rod and reel to tackle all kinds of different fish. It’s not the strongest telescopic rod on our list but 24-ton carbon fiber construction, stainless steel line guides, and reinforced sections make for a robust and aesthetically pleasing rod that can handle large bass and more. You can purchase the rod and reel by themselves or with as a combo kit which includes rod, reel, line, lures, accessories, and carrying case.

AMAZON – $41.99

You can use almost any spinning reel on any telescopic rod but combo purchases like the Magreel Telescopic Rod and Reel work well together and are a smart choice for beginners. Magreel’s carbon fiber rod comes in four sizes from 6 to 9 feet and can be packed down to a little over 16” for excellent portability. The Combo kit comes fully outfitted with telescopic rod, large spinning reel, fishing line, lures, accessories, and a carrying kit for all. A great gift for beginner anglers to get on the water quickly.

AMAZON – $45.99

Zebco’s ultra-popular 33 rod and reel combo are available in a telescopic model. The 6’ rod collapses to 22.5” for portability and is a great rod and reel to teach kids how to fish. Despite an affordable price the Zebco telescopic rod and reel has a smooth retrieve, easy to use drag system, and the push-button cast can be mastered by any angler.

AMAZON – $31.99
CABELAS – $29.99
DICKS – $29.99

– Best Advanced Telescopic Fishing Rods

For those looking for a high-quality stand-alone telescopic rod but want to watch your spending, the Goture 24T is one of the best values out there. Constructed of 24-ton carbon fiber, the Goture Telescopic rod can handle fish up to 10 pounds while sliding down to less than 2 feet in length. Though this light and compact rod has excellent balance and sensitivity.

AMAZON – $30.99
GOTURE – $25.99

The QudraKast is strong, built with solid carbon fiber, and will last several years in your fishing pack. Ceramic wire loops help the line glide through flawlessly, a stainless-steel reel connection can weather salt and freshwater without breaking down, and a comfortable grip keeps your hand relaxed while battling fish. At less than 6.5 oz you’ll hardly feel the rod in your pack, or even in your pocket.

AMAZON – $39.99

Formulated from Toray 24-Ton carbon, the Blackhawk II is KastKing’s most popular model. It’s strong enough to handle large freshwater fish or saltwater species but can be packed down to a convenient size for travel. The KastKing can be packed away with line and lure still tied to the reel without tangles or you can rest your hook on the Saf-T hook holder. With 14 different available sizes the Blackhawk II can be used for lake fishing, in-shore, off-shore, and can be matched to both spinning and baitcaster reels.

AMAZON – $53.99

4. Shakespeare Cypry ($102.63)

Experienced anglers should opt for something more durable like Shakespeare’s Cypry series. This is our largest and most durable telescopic rod at 11 to 13’ but it’s also one of the heaviest at around 11 oz. That weight isn’t necessarily a bad thing since the Cypry is designed to tackle carp, large bass, and other large fish without issue.

AMAZON – $102.63

Getting the Most from Your Telescopic Rod

A telescopic rod can be tossed in a backpack, a purse, or in some instances carried in your pocket. While they won’t be as strong per weight as traditional rods, telescopic rods are fun, convenient, affordable, and can take care of the needs of 90% of anglers. Check out our list to find the perfect telescopic rod so you can hit the water wherever you go.

Telescopic Fishing Rod FAQ

Telescopic fishing rods are designed to collapse into themselves and expand to a traditional fishing rod length. The purpose of telescopic fishing rods is to allow for easier transportation and concealment where a normal length rod would not permit.

Telescopic fishing rods serve a specific purpose. So, if you need an extremely portable fishing setup, then a telescopic fishing rod is very good.

In the event that your telescopic sections become jammed, a simple twisting motion should help unstick that section of your rod.

Yes. A telescopic fishing rod is small enough to take on a plane as a carry-on. However, tackle would not be allowed due to the dangerous nature of the hooks.

Telescopic fishing rods are primarily designed for spin and baitcast fishing.  They are perfect for backpacking and travel.