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Green River Utah

Fly Fishing the Green River, Utah

Utah’s gorgeous Green River belongs on every fly fisher’s bucket list. You’re surrounded by the colorful landscape of Utah, and the fish are plump, numerous, and hungry – does it get any better? If you’re lucky enough to book a fly-fishing trip to the Green River, you’ll need to be fully prepared with the right gear and know-how to get the most out of this world-class spot.

Fishing the Green River

Let’s get you fully stocked with both knowledge and equipment, so you know where to fish the Green River, what fish to look for in the Green River, and local resources like guides. With this handy Green River fly fishing guide, you’ll be enjoying the scenery and pulling up trophy-sized trout in no time.

Where is the Green River?

There are three main fly-fishing sections of the Green River known as the A, B, and C sections.
The A section of the Green River starts below the Flaming Gorge Dam and extends seven miles into Utah. The A section transitions into the B section and extends nine more miles. The B section ends where the C section begins at Jarvie Ranch and flows another 14 miles.
The most popular fishing spots along the Green River include directly below the Flaming Gorge Dam, Little Hole, Browns Park, and many more. Section A holds some of the most fruitful fly-fishing waters in the entire country. You can use our local resources guide below to help find where the fish are hitting.

What Fish are in the Green River?

The Green River is considered among the best tailwater fisheries in North America, so you know they’re some excellent fish to target. The blue-ribbon hatcheries along the Green River make for excellent trout fishing for several species, including Browns, Rainbows, Cutthroats, and Cut-Bow Hyrbid Trout. Browns and Rainbows can tip the scales, but there are plenty of options depending on the hatch. No matter your fishing style, there’s likely a trout for you to fish.

Green River Trout

Best Bets on Equipment

Insect hatches are frequent and prolific on the Green River, so you have multiple options for equipment.
Scuds are a safe bet no matter the time of year, while midges are a popular choice from fall into winter. Late spring sees an enormous blue-winged olive hatch, and large insects like cicadas frequent the waters into summer. Choose dry fly patterns throughout the whole summer and into fall for your best chance at monster catches. You can always talk to local guides to see exactly what’s hatching and where.
Trout in the Green River range from small to huge, so keep most of your equipment on the average to large size. 5-weight floating line, 5 to 6-weight rods, and 5-6 weight line is a good standard that won’t fall apart if you get a big bite. Breathable chest-high waders are an excellent choice most of the year though you’ll need the warmth of neoprene waders in the late fall and winter.

Best Time of Year to Go

If conditions allow you can fish the Green River year-round. Don’t expect fast fishing in the winter though the occasional bite with the right equipment is possible.
Fly fishing the Green River truly begins in the thaw of early spring through the best time of year to fly fish the Green River starts in late spring and runs into early fall.

Best Time of Day to Fish

The best time of day to fish depends on the season. For the most popular season of late spring into early fall, an early start is best though if you’re a late sleeper dusk makes for excellent fishing too. During early spring, late fall, and winter, the heat of the middle of the day is your best option.

Green River Fly Fishing Resources

Western Rivers Flyfisher: Salt Lake City, Utah

If you’re flying in for your Green River, fly fishing adventures chances are good you’ll land in beautiful Salt Lake City. When in Salt Lake City, stop by Western Rivers Flyfisher to take advantage of its numerous resources.
You can book a local guided trip, take classes, get information on local conditions, and book destination guided trips. If that’s not enough for you, Western Rivers is also a fully stocked fly-fishing retailer for all your equipment and fly needs.

Trout Creek Flies: Dutch John, Utah

If you’d rather get all your gear, book your local guide, and sleep directly by your fishing spots, your best resource is Trout Creek Flies in Dutch John near Flaming Gorge Dam. Trout Creek Flies offers everything you need to get your adventure started, including lodging, raft rentals, shuttle services to the best fishing spots, a well-stocked fly shop, and guided trips hosted by local fly-fishing experts.

Get Fishing on the Green River, Utah

Armed with the right flies, right spots, and local resources, you’ll be ready to tackle the beautiful Green River in Utah. If you’ve never been fly fishing on the Green River, set your sights for your next fly fishing trip on Utah for a one of a kind experience.