Best Tactical Flashlight for Fishing

What is the Best Tactical Flashlight for Fishing? In a perfect world, the sun would always be shining on you wherever you fished, but anglers know that’s not the case. Whether it’s pre-dawn hikes to the perfect fishing spot or dark clouds making things tough - every angler needs a great flashlight for fishing. Picking up a flashlight for fishing seems straightforward but [...]

What is the Best Fly Fishing Jacket?

What is the Best Fly Fishing Jacket? A perfect day on the water starts with packing the perfect gear. While you can get away with low-quality gear in many different areas of fly fishing one thing you should never skimp on is a great jacket. A high-quality fishing or wading jacket makes a big difference between a cruddy day spent shivering and wet [...]

What is Urban Fly Fishing?

What is Urban Fly Fishing? When most people imagine fly fishing they picture pastoral scenes back-dropped by mountains or nailing fish on saltwater flats in the Florida sun. We all have romantic notions of angling destinations but what about fly fishing a couple blocks away from a pawn shop? Under an overpass? Though fly fishing has long been associated with the wilderness and [...]

What is a Tippet?

What exactly is a Tippet? Fly fishing is a bit more complicated than traditional angling. In traditional angling, fishermen use one type and weight of line for all casting and retrieval but not with fly fishing. The idea behind fly fishing is creating a system that puts your fly on the water with as little disturbance as possible, which you can’t get with [...]

Why You Should Have a Water Filter Straw in your Tackle Box

Water Filter Straw What is a water filter straw, and what the heck does it have to do with fishing? A water filter straw is a simple as it sounds. It allows you to drink water from any natural body of water, without fear of becoming sick. It’s a handy device that should be in every backpack, whether you’re campaign, hiking, or fishing. [...]

Should I Tie My Own Flies?

Should I Tie My Own Flies? Fly fishing is an immersive experience. Any type of fishing requires skill, luck, and patience, but fly-fishing is a unique form of angling that requires listening to local surroundings to get the best fish. The fly-fishing experience involves reading the water, checking the hatch, and using the right fly. If you’ve been out on the water a [...]

What is the best time of day to fly fish?

If you were asked to picture the classic fisherman what do you think of? The old salt getting up with the sunrise or the father and son loading the truck at 5 AM to hit the river? Notice similarities in those two examples? They’re both getting up early. The saying goes the early bird gets the worm and while fly-fishing in the early morning [...]

How Many Flies Should I Bring Fly Fishing?

Do I really need to bring my whole fly collection every time I go fishing? You’ve got all your equipment laid out and ready for the big day on a new spot, but there’s one problem – how many flies should you be packing? Getting your equipment set up the right way helps to ensure a productive day on the water, but that [...]

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