7 Best Drones for Fishing


7 Best Drones for Fishing Drone flying is a popular way to kill time, but drones have practical uses too - like helping you fish. Drones have become increasingly popular for anglers to scout areas and fish without wasting time trolling around. If you want to get on the fish fast – a drone will get you there. If you’re ready to try a fishing drone for yourself, Riverfly Fishing has put together [...]

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Best Telescopic Fish Rod: Are Telescopic Fishing Rods Any Good?


Best Telescopic Fish Rods: Are Telescopic Fishing Rods Any Good? Some of the best angling destinations are off the beaten path. Ideally, you can park and walk a few feet to the perfect fishing hole but to find the best spots you’ll need to haul your gear into the thick of it. If you’re venturing into the sticks to fish, there are several things you can do to make your life easier including [...]

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What is the best fish finder?


What is the best fish finder on the market? Back in the day, a fish finder was someone who knew the local waters and where fish hide. Now it’s an advanced piece of tech that gives all the information you need to reel in the big boys. Fishing might be an ancient pastime but like any other activity it’s not immune to advancing technology. You love your Uncle Bill’s fish finding brain but [...]

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Getting Started Fly Fishing


Getting Started Fly Fishing Have you just read A River Runs Through It and are now eager to write your own fly fishing story? Has a buddy invited you out on the river and you’re ready to test your skills? No matter what motivates you to start fly fishing - you’ll need the right equipment for the best chance at reeling in the lunkers. Getting outfitted is important, but there’s no reason fly [...]

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Teaching Kids to Fish


Teaching Kids to Fish There’s only one thing better than enjoying a relaxing day fishing - a relaxing day fishing with your niece, grandson, or that other special kid in your life. Watching a kid jump with joy as they wrangle in their first catch is priceless, but you need some patience and resources to get to that point. If you’re going fishing with your daughter or nephew for the first time, there [...]

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Finding the Best Fly Fishing Kayak


Finding the Best Fly Fishing Kayak One of the best things about fly fishing is that you can often fish and wade without the need for a boat. When you’re fishing in a foot of water – a boat doesn’t make much sense. You can accomplish a lot by wading, but how many times have you wished you had a way to get under that brush or into the deeper water where you [...]

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2021 Must Have Fly Fishing Gear


2021 Must Have Fly Fishing Gear 2021 is here and thank goodness after last year. In just a few months all your favorite fishing spots will melt, the sun will come back, and you’ll be ready for an excellent year on the water - but what are you supposed to do until then? How about loading up with all the 2021 must have gear for fly fishing? We’ve scoured different brands, guides, and [...]

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Best Tactical Flashlight for Fishing


What is the Best Tactical Flashlight for Fishing? In a perfect world, the sun would always be shining on you wherever you fished, but anglers know that’s not the case. Whether it’s pre-dawn hikes to the perfect fishing spot or dark clouds making things tough - every angler needs a great flashlight for fishing. Picking up a flashlight for fishing seems straightforward but the unique environment and needs of fly fishing make choosing [...]

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What is the Best Fly Fishing Jacket?


What is the Best Fly Fishing Jacket? A perfect day on the water starts with packing the perfect gear. While you can get away with low-quality gear in many different areas of fly fishing one thing you should never skimp on is a great jacket. A high-quality fishing or wading jacket makes a big difference between a cruddy day spent shivering and wet versus an enjoyable day even when it’s nasty out. Only [...]

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What is a Tippet?


What exactly is a Tippet? Fly fishing is a bit more complicated than traditional angling. In traditional angling, fishermen use one type and weight of line for all casting and retrieval but not with fly fishing. The idea behind fly fishing is creating a system that puts your fly on the water with as little disturbance as possible, which you can’t get with traditional angling methods. If you want to get your fly [...]

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